Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide user/pass or IP authentication?
Shared proxies can only be locked down by your IP address (only 1 IP allowed). Dedicated proxies will be set up using user/pass authentication by default, however we can also add IP auth if you prefer, just contact us and let us know.

How do I change my authorized IP address(es)s?
IP changes are made manually, just contact us and let us know what changes are needed.

How many authorized IP addresses can I have?
For shared proxies you can only have a single authorized IP address. For dedicated proxies there is no strict limit, but you would need a valid reason to have more than 3.

How long until I receive my proxies?
We set up all our of proxies manually and as such it may take up to 24 hours for us to email your proxies to you. You may need to check your Junk/Spam folder and add to your approved senders list. Larger orders may have a lead time of a couple of days but you will be refunded for the unused days.

How will you send my proxies?
We will email your proxies to your PayPal email address. Please contact us ahead of time if you need tehm sent somewhere else.

How often can I 'refresh' our proxy list?
We don't provide 'rotating' proxies, and your proxies are not changed at any time by default. You can however request a change of proxies once every 3 months if required. It's your responsibility to look after your proxies and ensure they don't get banned/blocked for whatever purpose you're using them for. We don't provide proxies for clients that want to 'churn and burn'.

Do you provide 'random' proxies from multitple IP subnets?
By default your proxies will usually be from a single subnet, and will be contiguous. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Can you provide me with a proxy in a specific city/state?
Whilst our proxies are US based, We do not provide proxies in specific cities or states.

Can you provide me with proxies in a different country?
Sorry, for now we only provide US based proxies.

Do you guarantee your proxies will work with Ticketmaster?
Yes, when you purchase Ticketmaster proxies, we guarantee that they will work for buying tickets from the website. Should these proxies stop working as expected, they can be replaced - just get in contact with me to arrange some fresh working proxies.

Can you provide me with 10,000 proxies per month?
Honestly, no one can provide you with this many fresh proxies on a monthly basis. We can provide up to several thousand proxies if needed, but we do not provide a rotating proxy service, your proxies remain the same each month.

What payment options do you have?
PayPal is the default payment method but we will also accept most crypto coins as well (ETH and tokens are not accepted). Paying with LTC will save you 5%. Please contact us if you would like to pay using crypto.

Will your proxies work with xyz software/application?
We can't guarantee that our proxies will work with all applications or software, however we can provide you with a test proxy. They will work perfectly with Scrapebox and GSA, however we don't allow them to be used with Xrumer due to mass forum profile creation always results in abuse reports. We will provide a full refund (less PayPal fees) within the first 3 days if our proxies don't work for your particular needs. It is recommended that you use the proxies sensibly with your application to ensure an abuse report is not received (i.e. don't post several times on the same domain).

Do you provide SOCKS proxies?
We don't provide SOCKS proxies, only http/https proxies, sorry.

Can I use your proxies on multiple computers?
For shared proxies, We only allow access from one IP at a time, using your proxies from multiple IP addresses simultaneously is likely to lead to your account being terminated. It is possible to split your proxy list between 2 or more computers if you need to, but you'll need to get in contact with us first to ensure your account isn't terminated unexpectedly. This restriction does not apply to dedicated proxies.

Where are your proxies located?
Generally, our shared proxies are located in Oregon USA, however this may change at any time. All our proxies are located within US data centers.

Are your proxies anonymous?
Yes, absolutely! All our proxies are 100% anonymous and your actual IP address will never be disclosed to the site you're visiting.

Can I get a trial?
Yes, just contact us and request a trial. We will provide you with a single proxy to test for 24 hours.